Dog Training Services

Dog & Puppy Training

Dogs running

Adult dog training includes the following categories. 
Adolescent training (naughty dog training), 
Competition Dog Sports: Obedience & Rally O, Beginner Agility (Jumping) training, Puppy Agility 
(Group training sometimes available)
and Specialised training (Problem behaviour & Special needs training)


Puppy training is based on the Sirius Puppy Classes developed by Dr Ian Dunbar (

I teach bite inhibition, socialisation and basic obedience commands such as
Sit, Down, Stand, 
Come, Follow, Off & Stay. 
Puppy owners receive handouts with relevant information for all facets of training and raising their puppy.



Baybark does not do behavioural cases such as serious biting issues or seperation anxiety but we can refer you to someone we know and trust.

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